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Catching a taxi near railway station… Almost FAILED

If you don’t know me, let me say this first: I’m not greedy. But I don’t like to be ripped off and I don’t like to bargain. Oh, and I like experiments. Our train from Zhengzhou was arriving at 11pm. Only as we exited the train did we realize that the only way to get … Continue reading

Getting on a train… FAILED

From my limited experience, trains leave on time. That’s both a good thing and a bad thing: we missed the train yesterday by 2 minutes. 2 hours in lines and running all around 北京西站 (the Beijing West station), and we had another bunch for… tomorrow same time. So, we lost a day out of 2.5 … Continue reading

My hair was lost in translation

After dreading for a couple of weeks to go to a barber, I finally asked around and got a recommendation for a shop place nearby. A colleague who gave it to me has even offered to take me there today and translate my requirements. I refused at first, saying that I need to download a … Continue reading

Beijing flu

No matter how strong you are, Beijing flu will get you. It’s a fact. In winter – with winds, in summer – with a contrast between oppressive heat and air conditioning (yet to experience). Not enough by itself? Of course not, you’re strong, right? Well, crappy ecology takes it toll too: smog is real, and its … Continue reading