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Hitting the road for Qing Ming festival

Tue is a Qing-Ming tomb sweeping holiday. The story behind is quite bloody, as many other Chinese epics. Anyway, Monday traded places with Saturday, and so we’ll have a 3-day holiday. My friends and I are going to see some of the ancient places – Shao Lin monastery (yes, that one, where Kung Foo started) and Longmen … Continue reading

Chinese names

Are quite fascinating. First, they all have a meaning. This is what you get when your culture is several thousands years old and hasn’t been influenced too much by any others. Family names are almost exclusively 1-character and have very little diversity and 80% of China carries 20% of them. Family names are revered and … Continue reading

Chinese poems

If you know just Mandarin, you cannot fully appreciate the beauty of Chinese poetry. All rules for poems refer to pronunciation in one of the traditional (read: Cantonese) languages, which have 8 tones. Remember, all Chinese is written the same way, so you can read and pronounce it in any of the dialects you fancy. … Continue reading